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Paradise Salon – hair wash

What we offer

Our hair salon services

On this page you can learn more about the hairdressing services we offer at Paradise Salon. Our aim is to provide an affordable hair salon service without compromising on quality. A unisex hair salon in London SE14, we provide a welcoming environment to everyone to steps through our doors.

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Did you know?

We specialise in all hair types, including Afro-Caribbean and European styles. Get in touch for all enquiries about our hair salon in New Cross.

Special offers

At Paradise Salon we provide regular special offers for our hair salon services. Keep tabs on our latest news page to find out what's been happening at our New Cross hairdressers.

Price List

  • Hair Relaxing

    £55 to £65
  • Hair Treatment

    £30 to £40
  • Hair Colouring

    £30 to £150
  • Curly Perms

    £55 to £65
  • Weaves

    £80 to £250
  • Braids

    £90 to £250
  • Corn Rows

    £45 to £130
  • Bridal Service

    £90 to £300
  • Extra Service

    £15 to £40
  • Men's Haircut

    £15 to £20
  • Dreadlocks

    £90 to £150
  • Locks and weaves maintenance

    £50 to £60
  • Hot comb pressing

    £40 to £60

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Book an appointment at Paradise Salon and enjoy an expert consultation with one of our hair care professionals.Please note that a visit to Paradise Salon is by appointment only. We offer expert consultations and we aim to tailor every service to the needs of each client. Get in touch with Paradise Salon and see what we can do for you.